Corporate Smoke Jumpers Areas of expertise include strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and consulting, engineering analysis, and engineering management.
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Speak with the Indians Seminar:
This is one of our most popular seminars. We call it speak with the Indians Seminar because you can learn a lot by talking to the Indians. This is a four-hour seminar, which quickly retrieves information from your associates and identifies the issues facing your company. At the end of the seminar, CSJ will prepare a report that identifies the strategic issues and, in many cases, suggest solutions. Expect a great time of structured interaction and an objective review of your company's internal processes. It's fun and informative and a great way to prepare for your strategic review and budgeting process on a regular basis. The four-hour seminar is priced at $445 including materials and is usually scheduled from 3:00 - 7:00 PM to minimize work disruptions.

Non-Cash Currency Review:
CSJ offers one of the most effective tools available for working through cash constrained economic periods. CSJ reviews the entire asset base of your company including tools, real estate, fleets, skills, and manpower to identify ways you can generate cash, reduce expenses and increase the leverage from existing assets. Whether your company is asset constrained or asset rich there is a good chance you can get more from your existing investment. CSJ finds opportunities to invest the unsold, unused or excess capacity of your company. This translates into growing your asset base and your revenue base. The review generally takes 2-3 weeks depending on the size and scope. It requires access to your balance sheets and financial information and the ability to tour facilities for observations. Non-Cash Currency Review prices start at $1200.

Information Technology Review:
CSJ offers Information Technology reviews to evaluate the efficiency of your IT operations. Reviewing factors such as software licenses, bandwidth pricing, Call Centers configurations, operations infrastructure and hardware configurations. Assess the performance level of your information system. Review your information protection strategy and business continuity plan. Determine who has access to your critical information? Evaluate the overall efficiency and efficacy of your in information processing systems. Determine what needs to be upgraded and which resources can be used more effectively. Our IT experts can streamline your information processing systems and improve your bottom line through real savings and increased efficiency. Information Technology Review prices start at $5,000.

Comprehensive Business Review:
Regardless of the business you're in CSJ experts can perform comprehensive and objective analysis of your operations, finance, marketing and sales. We use various metrics to measure the productivity of each function. We evaluate your entire production process often identifying changes and methods that can produce immediate bottom line results. Comprehensive Business Review prices start at $1800.