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Operational Management


Industry: Hospitality Services business

Situation: This struggling public company had a long history of underperformance and conflicts of interest among the board members and shareholders. The company needed to reevaluate its operations to improve performance and develop a different style of leadership to provide shareholders with confidence in the company.

Results: Provided a chief operating officer for interim period as well as a chairman of the board. The resignations of three board members were accepted and they were replaced with industry-savvy board members. Service operations were brought in-house and the marketing system expanded. The pricing systems were revised and worked with a big six accounting firm to rescind a going-concern opinion. The company is successfully operating today with many of the same board members and a new CEO. Performance continues to improve.

Industry: Television programming holding company. Owned interest in Discovery Channel, Turner Broadcasting, Prime Sports Networks, BET, Home Shopping Network. Numerous Internet related ventures.

Situation: The company needed to pull together a mix of sports properties to increase the overall value of the sports holdings. The company also needed to maintain relationships with the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball. In addition the company needed to leverage its position in programming to enhance shareholders value.

Results: A holding company was formed to consolidate the sports interest. Including International networks, Star Prime Sports, in Hong Kong, joint ventures with TFI and the launch of additional networks in South America, South Africa, and Asia. The Sports Interest was merged into a new and larger venture in 1996. The venture continues to thrive.

Industry: Cable TV Company. The company was the largest Cable Operator with over ten million subscribers also had very significant holdings in Programming including Turner Broadcasting.

Situation: The company needed a strong presence in the major leagues and team owners. Through numerous transactions, the company needed to value and structure a sale of some holdings to Time Warner.

Results: Turner Broadcasting was merged into Time Warner, our team worked on valuations and negotiations related to the professional teams involved. The transactions were completed and the company was able to leverage considerable advantage.

Industry: Cable Television systems, and programming.

Situation: A major broadcasting company needed to start up three sports networks in order to meet franchise agreement commitments. The company was going through a Turn Around and need self-reliant and efficient leadership to renegotiates the agreements and reduces the losses.

Results: The company trimmed down properly staffed, and sold to Houston Sports Association in 1984.

Industry: Major League Baseball

Situation: A professional baseball franchise needed to know what potential the television rights would bring as well as how to conclude a rights agreement with a major television company.

Results: The team struck a very favorable transaction with Fox Sports