Corporate Smoke Jumpers Areas of expertise include strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and consulting, engineering analysis, and engineering management.
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Our Commitment To You

Corporate Smoke Jumpers' expertise, commitment to excellence and dedication to high standards of personal integrity and business ethics is your assurance of superior results.

Overview: Corporate Smoke Jumpers (CSJ) is dedicated to helping companies like yours achieve success in an increasingly difficult and competitive market. To help you achieve results, our success oriented Smoke Jumpers offer years of experience and expertise in finance, operations, marketing, sales, telecommunications, information technology and entertainment distribution. Whether you need help with a turnaround, start-up, merger &acquisition, capitalization or operational management, CSJ has the resources you need when you need them.

History: Corporate Smoke Jumpers, formerly Strategic Advisors Inc. has been providing consulting services and achieving results for companies like yours for more than 5 years. From Start-ups to Turnarounds, CSJ has been applying its experience and expertise to produce results for our growing list of satisfied clients. Please visit our Case Histories page to review the results from some of our recent engagements.

Philosophy: CSJ believes the key to success, in any market, lies in constant vigilance to ensure the basic elements of the business model are properly aligned with each other and corporate goals. Products and services must continue to meet the needs of changing markets, be competitively priced and positioned effectively relative to the competition.

Methodology: CSJ consulting engagements range from short-term, narrowly focused assignments requiring quick and accurate problem definition and resolution to comprehensive business model analysis and re-engineering. The typical consulting engagement falls somewhere between those two extremes. In all cases, CSJ applies its experience and expertise to produce the best possible result in the shortest period of time.

CSJ begins with a fresh, unbiased and independent assessment of your business model and designs a market driven plan to maximize the value of corporate assets, use resources effectively, preserve human capital and achieve your corporate goals. CSJ will review current products, markets, price and competition to answer the following questions. Do your current products fit the needs of your target market? Do they deliver the value your customers expect? Are they priced correctly and properly positioned relative to the competition?

Armed with the answers to these questions and others resulting from the consultation process, CSJ will help you develop and implement a market driven plan to achieve the desired results.

CSJ can help you implement the plan by providing project/program management, consulting and services including engineering and operational management expertise. In appropriate situations, Corporate Smoke Jumpers may place senior personnel within a client company for a temporary time period. Corporate Smoke Jumpers personnel always operate under the supervision of boards of directors and/or senior managers of the client.