Corporate Smoke Jumpers Areas of expertise include strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and consulting, engineering analysis, and engineering management.
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Solutions: strategic planning, financial planning and control, engineering and operational reviews, mergers and acquisitions, financial consolidation, downsizing/upsizing planning, temporary senior management personnel, business liquidations, capitalization, turn around, start up

Strategic Planning

Corporate Smoke Jumpers provides corporate positioning solutions to clients. These services include items such as identification of corporate success targets, defining customer profiles, development of marketing plans, determination of target markets, development of business plans in support of company goals, assistance in defining personnel and organizational structures, and product development.


Financial Planning and Control

Corporate Smoke Jumpers in this solution provides assistance to companies experiencing difficulty getting and maintaining control over corporate finances. The requirement could result from internal needs or from the concerns of an investor group. In this scenario, Corporate Smoke Jumpers can assist the client in controlling and limiting capital and expense disbursements. Corporate Smoke Jumpers is also able to establish accounting and budgeting procedures consistent with normally expected business practices. The result of these practices will be industry standard accounting and tracking reports for board of director and investor use in monitoring the situation. The budgeting process will provide for current needs while also identifying needs that will arise at periods of time through the life of the business. Corporate Smoke Jumpers will also assist the client in developing methods and procedures for tracking assets and asset deployment.
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Engineering and Operational Reviews

Corporate Smoke Jumpers provides solutions to clients in performing and analyzing engineering and operational reviews. These services include things such as identification of structures and Operations Support Systems (OSS) needed to accomplish corporate business plans, implementation and integration assistance for required systems, review of the efficiency of client efforts to make and complete sales, and solutions to ensure the client's customers are entirely satisfied.
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Smoke Jumpers provides client solutions related to merger and acquisition activity. Services provided in support of this solution can include assessment of the market place, assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed combination of companies and capabilities, valuation activities related to both of the involved companies, and development of deal point options regarding ownership, capital investment, on-going expenses, value received for value given, and the resulting equity structure. Corporate Smoke Jumpers can also provide negotiation services acting as a mediator for the parties.

Financial Consolidation

Corporate Smoke Jumpers provides solutions enabling a client to consolidate and simplify financial structure. This may include renegotiating existing financial instruments or advising on development of new financial and equity arrangements. The solution could also include various methods of spin-offs, sales, or other methods that can have positive effects on the corporate balance sheet. Judicious use of consolidation techniques may relieve some of the financial pressure on a corporation.

Downsizing (or Upsizing) Planning

Corporate Smoke Jumpers provides client solutions to assist in identifying options and opportunities for either downsizing or upsizing. Corporate Smoke Jumpers brings experience in determining the need for changes in personnel levels as well as development of plans to address the situation.

Temporary Senior Management Personnel

In appropriate situations, Corporate Smoke Jumpers may actually place senior personnel within a client company for a temporary time period. One objective of this process would include establishing operational and financial controls in the client company. Corporate Smoke Jumpers personnel always operate under the supervision of boards of directors and/or senior managers of the client.

Business Liquidations

This Corporate Smoke Jumpers solution provides assistance in closing down business units that have been terminated by the owners. The services provided in support of this type of project include, but are not limited to, items such as closing business locations, terminating or sub-letting leases, minimizing losses, consolidation and disposal of inventory, consolidation and disposal of other assets, negotiating with creditors over debt issues, assistance with affected personnel, and assistance with legal issues.


Corporate Smoke Jumpers provides client solutions in the development of capitalization plans. These services include items such as identification of financing alternatives, with applicable advantages and disadvantages, and development of business plans to support the capitalization plan. Corporate Smoke Jumpers can also assist in identifying potential investment sources.
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Turn Around

Clients of Corporate Smoke Jumpers may take advantage of solutions that can assist in turn around situations. Corporate Smoke Jumpers services have been successful in redirecting under performing businesses or business units into financially performing enterprises. These services include business assistance determining the options and opportunities, development of accounting and budgeting controls to improve the financial situation, and assistance in restructuring the company to maximize the use of current capital and the attraction of additional funding.

Start Up

Corporate Smoke Jumpers provides solutions to newly created businesses that can help position them for success. These solutions include assistance in structuring the business, finding and identifying funding options, operational planning and execution, and establishing business practices, accounting procedures, and budgeting systems. Corporate Smoke Jumpers can also assist in development of business plans and preparation for meetings with investors.
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