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Industry: Regional Sports Network

Situation: A major entertainment provider wanted to establish regional sports networks in the Dallas, Houston, and Pittsburgh markets. No networks existed in these areas and the company had made commitments to provide these networks to the local cable franchising authorities. Losses were running in the $100 million a year range.

Results: Negotiated out of commitments to the Pittsburgh market and settled with the franchise authority. The Pittsburgh operation was shut down. The Dallas and Houston networks were combined into a single operation and activities established. The combined companies become EBITDA positive and were sold four years later for $120 million.

Industry: Regional Sports Network

Situation: New professional sport expansion franchises were moving into Florida. No regional networks existed so the field was open to establishing a new network. Two major players were competing with the client to become the dominant player in Florida.

Results: In support of our client, a consortium of cable operators was organized to insure distribution to 1.5 million cable homes. With a base of subscribers secured, financing was arranged and successful bids for teams were developed. The client beat the competition to the market with greater distribution and brought this startup to profitability in two years.

Industry: Regional Sports Networks

Situation: Failed regional sports network established by a major content provider was in litigation with partners. In addition, two other companies planned to establish networks in the region. Competition was high but a strong favorite son player in the Denver market had the best overall position.

Results: Developed a master plan for the client and included competing companies in venture. The result was the establishment of a regional network that later merged with a combined holding company. The network is profitable today.

Industry: National Cable Networks

Situation: Local regional networks needed a source of programming supply to wrap around the locally produced events in order to provide continuous operation. The resulting operation would reduce overall operating costs and provide effective competition with ESPN, which was perceived to be larger competitor.

Results: A national network was established harnessing the programming resources of all the regional networks and providing a national program sharing system. This resulted in higher usage performance levels for individual programs that significantly spread the production cost over new revenue streams. The network was later bought by Sports Channel New York and subsequently merged into the Fox Sports Network.

Industry: Fixed Wireless Communications Company

Situation: International company formed to obtain frequency spectrum licenses and to operate communications systems. The company needed assistance in setting up the business, developing a business plan, preparing the government application for licenses, identifying technology, and securing funding sources.

Results: Assisted in identifying potential partners and structuring the business. Provided technical expertise in development of the government proposal for licenses. The proposal included all of the elements needed to operate the business including a business plan, operating budget, identification of technology, marketing plans and targets, and sales operations. The company was successful in securing a half of all licenses issued in major metropolitan areas.

Industry: Fixed Wireless Communications Company

Situation: The company was formed to participate in fixed wireless frequency auctions and operations. It needed a business plan, operational plans, technical expertise, and access to funding.

Results: Assisted in identifying funding options, developed technical operations plan, prepared business plan, identified and quantified manufacturers and equipment solutions, and identified operational systems options.