Corporate Smoke Jumpers Areas of expertise include strategic planning mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and consulting, engineering analysis, and engineering management.

Ed Frazier

Ed Frazier is the managing partner of Corporate Smoke Jumpers. He has been active in development activities with several major Fortune 500 companies, including TCI (now AT&T Cable), Liberty Media, Time Warner, and the Houston Sports Association (the owner of the Houston Astros baseball team). In addition to the major Fortune 500 companies, he currently works with Fox Sports Net, a subsidiary of News Corporation. His activities have included the implementation, design, and operation of complex technologies, as well as the structuring of partnerships and joint ventures. While at Liberty Media, he was the CEO of Liberty Sports, a holding company comprised of 27 operating divisions. While at Liberty he led the company from a single network generating $12 million a year in annual sales to $750 million in annual revenue with an operating income of $112 million annually. He has also served as the NTN Communications' Chairman of the Board and has been a member of the Board of Directors for industry trade groups such as the Cable Advertising Bureau, Regional Sports Association, and numerous charitable boards.

Milestones of Mr. Frazier's activities include the development of the regional sports networks, five of which he led in the startup and the acquisition of others. Included in his experience are international ventures in Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia.

He is currently advising a communications client company in strategic issues. Activities of that company include the aggregation of Internet content, creation of new content, and the deployment of broadband services in the residential and commercial customer base. He also assisted the company in restructuring its business including $970 million in debt.

Trey Weir

A co-founder and original member of Corporate Smoke Jumpers, Trey Weir brings expertise in finance, business development, strategic planning, venture start-up, mergers and acquisition. A majority of Trey's experience surrounds deal structuring, specifically in telecommunications and high technology companies. Prior to Corporate Smoke Jumpes, Mr. Weir worked as a Senior Consultant with CoServ Strategic Advisory Group where he was responsible for managing the acquisition and divesture activity of CoServ Electric and its subsidiaries. His activities included evaluating ventures targeted to be acquired by analyzing financial, managerial, legal and regulatory issues. Deals of interest include the acquisitions of Cable Plus Communications, a $55 million private telecommunications and cable company, and Masterlink, an Internet Service Provider and website development company. Both companies were strategically acquired to increase the effectiveness of CoServ telecommunications.

While with CoServ, Trey also worked on projects in the energy industry by consulting to Multatech Engineering and TXU Energy Services on renewable energy solutions specific to the wastewater treatment industry. His contribution included creating and analyzing a financial model that projected the potential for wastewater treatment plants to generate power using digester gas.

Currently, Mr. Weir is advising high tech technology companies which are in early stage development. His consulting work includes: building financial models, managing market research, creating investor presentations and introducing the venture to potential capital investors and strategic partners.

Trey graduated from Baylor University, where he was a four-year letterman in football, with a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Following graduation from Baylor, Mr. Weir spent four years in the Arena Football League. Concurrently, Trey provided business development and financial consulting to several start-up ventures.

Stephen W. Eckersley

Stephen Eckersley currently provides technical services to clients of Corporate Smoke Jumpers. Mr. Eckersley recently returned from a position as vice president and chief technical officer for a communications client company. Mr. Eckersley was responsible for exploring and identifying new technologies for implementation into the communications network. Among his tasks was the integration of the entire network into a cohesive unit to provide the best possible services to the company's communications customers.

As chief technical officer, Mr. Eckersley defined the parameters for the integrated wired and wireless technologies now being utilized in the client's network and was also responsible for all engineering and operations, including voice, data, internet, and cable television. Under Mr. Eckersley's guidance, the company became one of the first LMDS license holders to begin operations in the 31 GHz band. During his tenure, Mr. Eckersley controlled a budget exceeding $50 million and the communications company added over 10,000 customers.

Prior to his present position, Mr. Eckersley spent five years working in start up operations focused on fixed wireless technology. In this capacity, he has been involved in Local Multipoint Distribution Systems (LMDS) from the inception of the technology and has also worked in other frequency spectrums such as Multichannel Microwave Distribution Service (MMDS), Personal Communication Service (PCS), and various communication bands.

With 25 years in the telephone industry at New Jersey Bell and Southwestern Bell, Mr. Eckersley's expertise encompasses engineering design of equipment, facilities, and networks; planning; budgeting; maintenance and personnel management.

Mr. Eckersley graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Subsequently he received a Master of Business Administration degree, with concentrations in management and finance, from Dallas Baptist University. He is licensed by the State of Texas as a Professional Engineer and an Advanced Peace Officer.

Marilyn Chase

Marilyn Chase is the General Manager of the Corporate Smoke Jumpers Group. She is responsible for the day to day operations of the group, and her background includes success with benefits cost control, all facets of human resources and extensive experience in corporate administration.

Mrs. Chase began her career in the Panama Canal Zone, working for the U.S. Southern Command. There she served as Public Affairs Officer for the US Tropic Test Center and was then promoted to assistant to the Adjutant General. Upon relocating to the United States, Mrs. Chase worked as assistant to the General Manager of ON TV, a subscription television service. In 1985, Mrs. Chase worked as Director of Human Resources for VingCard and the Nostalgia Channel and then was hired as executive assistant to the President of Liberty Sports.

Michael Chang

Mr. Chang is an accomplished technology and business leader with proven success developing and implementing IT strategies and playing a key role in enterprise-wide business planning and execution. For over 15 years, Michael has worked with a number of organizations in roles as diverse as COO, CTO, business co-founder, e-business strategist, and technology architect. With this unique blend of Technology, Business, Operations, Consulting, and Management know-how, Michael offers a passion for completing projects on-time, maintaining effective communications with all stakeholders, and building cross-functional teams.

Michael’s relevant experience includes co-founding an Internet energy trading company, directing applications development and systems methodology, sponsoring supply chain and CRM process-oriented transitions, implementing in-bound call centers, creating customer care services, and performing due diligence on business start-ups. In other areas, Michael directed project teams for the global deployment of technology, systems, and telecom in countries such as China, Russia, Czech Republic, and Brazil.

In many engagements, Michael is the change agent with a “90-day approach” to assess complex situations, rapidly develop short-term, measurable goals, and set the path for lasting business transformation objectives. His philosophy is that “the speed of the leader is the speed of team”.

Mr. Chang has earned an MBA in Finance as well as MS and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is fluent in multiple languages and is active in both professional and civic organizations. He has received national recognition being published in IT magazines.

Mart D. Nelson, P.E.

With over 35 years experience in technology, operations, systems integration, product and systems design and management processes, Mr. Nelson has established a practical, cost conscious approach to improving business and technology operations. This experience has been gained against a solid educational and professional background, including degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is a Professional engineer, licensed to practice in Texas.

As an engineer in AT&T - the Bell System - and then as a founding partner and former engineering partner in BlytheoNelson, a Management Services and Systems Engineering firm that was based in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Nelson has developed extensive expertise in complex business and technology services.

Glenn Gurgiolo

As past president of the FOX Sports Direct group, Glenn Gurgiolo has been responsible for the operations and development of the direct-to-home business for all of the Regional Sports Networks (RSN) in America. His senior level positions were with Lorimar Sports Networks, Prime Network, Liberty Sports and FOX Sports Net. As President of the satellite sports group for Prime, Liberty and FOX, Glenn grew a start up business from concept to a $100M plus division in under ten years.

As an experienced general manager with full profit & loss, start up and operational experience, Glenn brings detailed knowledge about Retail and Wholesale distribution to CSJ. A visionary leader and builder of high performance sales teams, Glenn is a sound decision-maker experienced in strategic planning, new business development, marketing and development of sales networks.

Dr. Arno J. Kosko

Dr. Kosko recently concluded a five months consulting arrangement with e-tenna (a Titan Corporation) which develops and licenses unique radio frequency technologies for the commercial wireless industry from its headquarters in San Diego, California and the R&D center in Laurel, Maryland. Previously, Arno co-founded PULSARadio Corporation, a broadband wireless startup, and worked for five years for BOSCH-Telecom (now Marconi) as the Vice President of Business Development and the Executive Advisor to the Board of Management of BOSCH-Telecom which was a $5 billion dollar Subsidiary of the ROBERT BOSCH Company. Arno is the Founder (1995) President & CEO of K.C.C. Inc., a business-strategy-intelligence telecommunications consultancy which specializes in telecommunications technology and business development in general, and in specific, providing opportunities and solutions within the domestic and international Broadband Wireless Access services and industry.

Dr. Kosko has over 37 years experience in the telecommunications industry encompassing exploratory research, engineering, program & project management, business development, marketing, sales and corporate management within the U.S. and international commercial, governmental and military sectors. His positions have included: Executive Vice President, PULSARadio, Vice President, Business Development, BOSCH-Telecom (Germany), Vice President, Marketing and Sales, California Microwave, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Aydin Corporation, Senior Program Manager, GTE, Principle Program Manager, Royal Commission of Saudi Arabia, Director, Business Development and Strategy, Harris Corporation, Director Engineering and Project Manager, Northrop Corporation. He is an active member and a past Member of the Board of Directors of the Wireless Communication Association International, Washington, DC. and a life member of the IEEE. Arno is conversant in several foreign languages and very sensitive to apply his knowledge and adaptability relevant to culture trade differences in the international market environment.

In the international arena, he established new international sales markets in the broadband wireless industry for several telecommunication companies. Within the corporate and program management functions, Arno was responsible for several multi hundred million dollar telecommunications projects. He successfully negotiated and closed the sale of a $150 million microwave project in Europe. Arno's responsibilities with BOSCH-Telecom - Germany included exploration of "Partners-Alliances" opportunities for partial or full acquisition prospects. He successfully spearheaded and concluded for BOSCH a major acquisition with a large U.S. company and also originated and negotiated several OEM agreements with major U.S. companies to enhance the product line portfolio for BOSCH. Arno also opened several "Competence Centers" for BOSCH in Latin America.

Dr. Kosko was educated in Germany and the United States with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics and Business Administration.

Bruce Fisher

Mr. Fisher is a seasoned veteran with more than 26 years experience in the technology sector and expert in the art and science of managing engineering, marketing and sales to successfully launch technology products and services. His knowledge and experience in computer science, information technology, communications, hardware and software is the underpinning of a successful career spanning product development, project management, marketing and sales. His skills, experience and expertise contribute to the market savvy and the business acumen necessary to identify and resolve business problems whether they are product, marketing or sales related. His experience ranges from successfully identifying and resolving isolated or systemic problems in troubled programs or projects of large corporations, fine tuning mid-sized company development, marketing and sales operations to achieve double digit growth rates and reduce expenses, small company turnarounds by completely redesigning their marketing and sales strategies to match their product to the market, and guiding technology start-ups in developing, marketing and selling innovative, new products. His expertise and knowledge result from years of hands-on experience in individual contributor roles and senior level executive positions in engineering, marketing and sales responsible for achieving corporate revenue, profit and expense objectives.

Mr. Fisher holds a MA in Marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas, a BA in Business and Political Economy, Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Dallas and an AAL in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.